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This comprehensive course is strategically designed to elevate students' proficiency in defensive encounters, encompassing both home defense and urban concealed carry scenarios. The curriculum incorporates a systematic array of drills and obstacle exercises, imparting crucial concepts of deliberate movement and effective utilization of cover/concealment.

In adherence to our commitment to exceptional course development and safety standards, enrollment prerequisites dictate that prospective participants must hold the designation of graduates from our Pistol 3 course

Live Range:
+ Warm-ups
+ Draw-Stroke
+ Malfunction
+ Weak-Side Shooting
+ Single-Hand Shooting
+ Use of Cover
+ Dynamic Movement

+ Range Safety
+ Malfunction Resolution
+ Holding a Assailant at Gunpoint

Length: ~8 Hours

It is recommended that students possess their own firearms for this course. Otherwise please call to arrange accordingly
Please note that the location of course will be conducted at a private facility and address will be provided to enrolled students
In order to continue supporting our customers and instructors, Bay Area Tactical requires 3 days (72 hours) cancellation/rescheduling notice prior to your scheduled arrival date and time. Otherwise we will charge you a cancellation/rescheduling fee of 25%. Anytime within 24 hours of your scheduled arrival date will result in a 50% cancellation/rescheduling fee.
If Desired Dates are Not Listed or Request for Private Class Please Call or Email
Please call us at 415-568-6803 or email us at for bookings or questions.

Last updated: 10.10.23

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