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About Us

We're Certified

Each of our instructors are NRA certified to teach various disciplines from basic firearms safety to personal protection.

We're Experienced

Our instructors come from distinguished backgrounds in the military and/or law enforcement. Providing you the most qualified instructors and integrated courses.

We're Comprehensive

We offer a wide array of tactical courses integrating usage of our state of the art simulator and practical application in a shoothouse.

Designated Targets

Training Courses

Pistol II - Advanced/Alternative Shooting Methods (Workshop)
Reserved only for our former Pistol II students, this workshop was designed to provide returning students the ability to help improve skillsets learned in Pistol II.
Rifle I - Safety and Fundamentals
Ideal course for beginners or novices with little to no experience with Rifles. Certified instructors will guide students on proper guidelines in safely handling and operating an AR Platform Sporting Rifle, while building good core fundamentals for precision shooting. **** Class begins with lecture at our office in San Carlos. Live Fire will be conducted at San Leandro **** A class of 2 people is needed for class to commence ****
Pistol II - Advanced/Alternative Shooting Methods
Designed to increase firearm proficiency and introduce skillsets for home defense. Must be experienced with firearms or have undergone our Pistol 1 course. ***Students will begin class with live fire at San Leandro with debrief and lecture at BAT afterwards***

What People Say About Us

Elaine O

October 20, 2017

"It was my first experience with guns, and I attended alone. The session was professional, informative and and even relaxing. We took a 25-30 min drive to the range, and the whole session was about 4 hours. I liked the 3-4 instructors/guides who were patient and communicative. I'd recommend this firm to others easily!"

Neal J

October 3, 2017

".. wanted to ensure my wife and daughter were comfortable with guns being in the home. We all took the safety class at BATG together and the instructors were very good and even used our firearm to demonstrate safety to them ..."

Lamyra H

August 26, 2017

"The instructors were great with insuring gun safety handling, and posture...There was a lot of interactive exercise and conversation, by the time we were finished it felt like we all came together..."