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Hunter's Education Module II builds upon the foundational knowledge acquired in Module I, delving deeper into advanced techniques, practical skills, and survival strategies essential for successful hunting and outdoor adventures. This module focuses on honing hunting techniques, developing practical skills, and mastering survival knowledge to enhance participants' confidence and competence in the field.

Topics Includes:

  • Advanced Hunting Techniques: Participants will explore advanced hunting methods, including still hunting, stalking, spot-and-stalk, stand hunting, and tracking. Through theoretical instruction and practical demonstrations, participants will learn techniques for approaching game stealthily, identifying optimal shooting positions, and executing successful hunts with precision and efficiency.

  • Marksmanship and Shot Placement: This segment will focus on refining participants' marksmanship skills and enhancing their understanding of shot placement for ethical and effective harvesting of game animals. Topics may include proper shooting stance, breathing control, trigger squeeze, and the anatomy of common game species to maximize clean kills and minimize suffering.

  • Outdoor Survival Skills: Participants will learn essential survival skills and techniques necessary for navigating and thriving in the wilderness. Topics may include map and compass navigation, shelter construction, fire building, water procurement, wild edibles identification, and basic first aid. Practical exercises and scenarios will prepare participants to handle emergencies and unexpected situations in outdoor environments.

  • Fieldcraft and Concealment: Participants will develop fieldcraft skills to increase their ability to blend into natural surroundings and remain undetected by wildlife. Instruction may cover camouflage techniques, scent control strategies, natural blinds, and methods for minimizing human impact on hunting grounds.

  • Practical Application: Through hands-on activities, simulated hunting scenarios, and field exercises, participants will have the opportunity to apply learned techniques and skills in real-world hunting environments. Guided by experienced instructors, participants will gain practical experience and confidence in executing hunting strategies and survival techniques.


  • ~ 8 hours 

Course Includes:

  • Training Materials
  • Food/Beverages
  • Protective Equipment

What You Need:

  • Valid ID
  • Firearm + Ammo
  • Appropriate Attire 



Private Facility in Livermore, CA



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