Meghna Preloader

Integrated Shotgun

Student will learn the characteristics and capabilities of pump-action, break-action, and semi-automatic shotguns of various calibers and designs.  They will then implement knowledge of shooting into various stances, positions, and trap shooting.

At the Live Range, Instructors will be beside you at all times at the firing line to ensure safety and provide shot by shot advice.

Length: 5 hours

*If Class has NO Bookings on Website Please Call to Confirm the Class is Ongoing Before Registering*

*Call for Scheduling for Weekday or Private Classes*

*For Former Students Advanced Shotgun can be Repeated for $140 (Ammo, Rental, Range, Clays, Class)* 
We will provide:
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Transportation to Range
Snacks and Beverages

It is encouraged that you bring your own shotgun for usage

Please wear non-loose clothing and a hat to better avoid spent casing burns

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