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California CCW

In this course, Instructors will lead students in an in-depth/hands-on lecture on firearm safety, shooting fundamentals and other topics in regards to responsibilities as a firearm owner and being a concealed weapons owner.  Students will learn the mechanics and operations of the semi-automatic and if need be revolvers and how to clear both ammunition and handgun malfunctions.  A weapons familiarity test will be given at the end of lecture incorporating lessons learned during discussion and hands on skills and drills in order to meet the criteria to satisfy the training requirement for the application for a California Concealed Weapons application.   
We will provide:
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Snacks and Beverages

Please Bring Valid ID
150 rounds of ammo
No open-toes Shoes
Recommended to wear non-loose clothing and cap to help prevent case burns

This California CCW class meets the requirements of many counties as well as other jurisdictions to obtain your California CCW Permit. Please confirm with your authority having jurisdiction for their requirements. The taking of this class does not guarantee your receipt of a California CCW Permit.

***** Please note these classes are held in our the range in Gilroy.  Address will be given to confirmed students. *****

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