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Led by Sabre certified LEO instructors, the course will teach students the nomenclature/properties, myths/facts, and proper usage of Pepperspray for self-defense.

Each student will undergo a 1-2 hour lecture where topics below are covered before practicing with inert Pepperspray.  Role-playing scenarios will be conducted to test and evaluate students ability to deploy and effectively use tool under duress.  (Official Certification can be obtained. Please see below)

+ Chemical Properties
+ Myths/Facts
+ Contamination
+ Laws 
+ Techniques
+ Usage (Role-Playing)

Length: 3-4 hours

Official Certification for BSIS/LEO
+ $25
+ Students will be sprayed with Active Pepperspray and evaluated for contamination protocols
We Will Provide:
Use of Inert Spray
Refreshment and Snacks

You Must Bring:
Valid ID

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