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Beginners - Intermediate Rifle

This course is designed for individuals who have some experienced in handling a Rifle or have undergone our Rifle I class.  

We begin this class by briefly going over topics covered in Rifle I and further advance those lessons to cover CA laws/regulations and safety implementations for firearm owners.  Students will learn the characteristics and capabilities of both AR and Bolt-Action Rifles.  They will then implement knowledge of shooting into various stances, positions, and angles for hunting and long distance shooting.  

At the Live Range, Instructors will be beside you at all times at the firing line to ensure safety and provide shot by shot advice.

+ Overview of Rifle 1 Topics (Safety Rules/Rifle Mechanics/Eye Dominance/Grip/Stance/Fundamentals/Range Safety/Commands)
+ CA Laws Regarding Firearm Ownership/Transportation
+ Live Range:
+ Warm-ups
+ Grip Techniques
+ Shooting
   - Bench
   - Standing
   - Prone
   - Sitting
   - Kneeling

Length: 4 hours

*If Desired Dates are Not Listed or Request for Private Class Please Call or Email *

We will provide:
Safety Glasses
Hearing Protection
Snacks and Beverages

Must Bring:

Please wear non-loose clothing and a hat to better avoid spent casing burns

***** Please note these classes are held in our the range in Gilroy.  Address will be given to confirmed students. *****

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