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Fight or Flight 1 (Close Quarters Combat by Cung Le)

Originally designed for Special Forces, Close Quarter Combat employed small highly trained units to create maximum mission impact with minimal presence. Using a hybrid blend of martial arts and proven Military tactics, CQC uses swift and effective techniques to overwhelm and prevail against enemy combatants. Since inception, CBC has evolved and traversed itself into Law Enforcement and ultimately Civilian Home Defense.  

Hosted by Cung Le, former Strikeforce Champion and UFC Middleweight Contender, Fight or Flight 1 CQC will teach students core fundamentals used by the Military and Law Enforcement.   The class will instill upon students’ simple maneuvers and tactics designed to disarm and defend against home invaders.  Such as use of items as a force multiplier, weapon platforms and simple striking/grappling techniques.  Designed for all fitness and experience levels. 
The Class will take 6 hours
- Lecture on the theory and practicality of CQC Tactics
- Hands on Demonstration by Cung Le
- Grappling Techniques
- Striking Techniques
- Wrestling Techniques
- Knife Tactics
- Firearm Manipulation
- Use of household items

We will provide:
- Beverages
- Snacks
- Lunch (if any allergies please bring your own)

Upcoming Classes

February 24, 2019 11:00 AM 827 Cherry Lane San Carlos CA 94070 Norman $250 1/12

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