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Tactical Firearms 1

Structured for those who have successfully completed Defensive Pistol and  Rifle series or other schools’ equivalent. This course takes the student into intense realistic environments of reflexive gun handling and marksmanship, timed skills performance, low light shooting, indoor and outdoor simulators, moving targets/moving shooter engagements, judgmental shooting, longer range shooting, weapon retention and weapon transition. Equipment requirements are the same as for Tactical Rifle with the addition of a handgun and a high-power, high-quality flashlight / illumination device for the rifle.
This course addresses the effective use of the Tactical or Police rifle/carbine, and the emphasis is on quick, accurate shooting at close to intermediate ranges. This course covers the fundamentals of safety, manipulation, rifle theory, marksmanship, zeroing, firing positions, and field shooting. It then progresses into more specialized and advanced techniques applicable to this type of rifle. Included are carry techniques, tactical / ready positions, shooting on the move, alternative shooting positions, use of cover, multiple shots / multiple targets, and tactical simulations. Rifles, such as the AR-15, Mini-14, AK Series, SKS, M-1 Carbine, etc. are ideal. Lightweight bolt and lever action rifles are also suitable. Optics are optional


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