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Defensive Pistol 2

Defensive Pistol 2 is designed to further teach students real world, practical gun-fighting skills needed to effectively defend yourself in life-threatening situations at our Private Range.  

This course will guide students through a logical and systematic progression of exercises in continuation of Defensive Pistol 1.  With core fundamentals established and framework of tactical maneuvers being covered, the focus then becomes on speed and expanded vision on alternative maneuvers available during extreme close quarters, sustained-injury, and enhancement of movement based on varying scenarios.  

We understand that each shooter is unique and the curriculum is designed to allow for each shooter to experiment and find out what techniques work best for them.

Defensive Pistol 2 Course Topics & Outline:
-Focus on Speed
-Target ID and Acquisition
-Acceptable Sight Picture vs. Perfect Sight Picture
-Point Shooting/Instinctive Shooting
-Extreme Close-Range Retention Shooting
-One Handling Reloading
-One-Hand Malfunction Clearance
-Expanded Moving and Shooting Drills and Considerations
-Manipulation on the Move (Reloading etc)
Required Gear:
-Modern Semi-Automatic Pistol
-Minimum 3 Magazines (5 If Single Stacked)
-Magazine Pouches
-500 Rounds of Ammunition Minimum (AMMO NOT INCLUDED IN COURSE PRICE)
-Holster (Concealed or Open - No Shoulder Holsters)
-Eye Protection
-Ear Protection (Electronic Preferred)
-Closed Toe Shoes (No Scandals)
-Comfortable “Everyday” Clothing that You Do NOT Mind Getting Dirty
-Gun Cleaning Gear
-Hat (Optional, but Recommended)
-Something to Take Notes With (Pen/Pencil, Notebook)
-Sun Screen
-Packed Lunch

We can provide:
-Modern Semi-Automatic Pistol (for those who do not yet own their own) *Please call for reservation limited quantities available*
-Magazines (for those renting our pistol)
-Holster/Mag pouches (for those renting our pistol)
-500 Rounds of Ammunition can be procured for use in this class ($115-$150 depending on caliber) *All left-over ammo is to be returned to company at end of class*
-Eye and Ear (electronic) Protection can be provided if you do not own your own
-Beverages and Snacks will be provided throughout class
-Transportation to and from Private Range

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