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First-Aid, CPR, & A.E.D (NSC Official Certification)

In this two-day course you will undergo both lecture and hands on scenarios for certification to administer First-Aid, CPR, and A.E.D.
This comprehensive course is taught in a dynamic, hands-on way with industry-leading curriculum and content from an expert in occupational first aid training.

Participants will learn to:
-  Recognize a medical emergency
-  Handle breathing and cardiac emergencies
-  Act appropriately and effectively and sustain life until professional help arrives
-  Prevent disease transmission
-  Identify and care for bleeding, sudden illness and injuries
Students will receive textbook and workbook on first day of class. Class which start on any Tuesday night will also continue on Thursday night at the same time. Class that start on Monday night will continue on Wednesday night at the same time. 

Each class is 3 hours long

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